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Jungle Fatigue Jacket - Modify - [VTD-0476-JK] #11 INDIGO (Antique Washed)

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Jungle Fatigue Jacket - Modify - [VTD-0476-JK] #11 INDIGO (Antique Washed)

A unique single-layer jacket inspired by the Jungle Fatigue Jacket worn by the US military in the subtropics during the 1960s and 1970s.

This piece is crafted from 9oz denim, with indigo-dyed warp and weft threads woven together to create an original fabric. The colour presents an appealing vertical fade, achieved through a washing process designed to mimic the look of a jacket worn consistently over six months.

The design retains the characteristic front pockets of the original Jungle Fatigue Jacket, repositioning them for a balanced and harmonious aesthetic. In a fusion of styles, elements from the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), believed to be the successor to the Jungle Fatigue, have been incorporated such as the elbow patches and tabbed sleeves feature.

This jacket is an adaptable piece, ideal for casual wear but equally suited to complement a more refined style.