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Slim Easy Slacks Ver. 2 [VTD-0475-PT] DK.CHARCOAL

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Slim Easy Slacks Ver. 2 [VTD-0475-PT] DK.CHARCOAL

This is a classic easy pant made with stretchy material. The fabric is a surge material comprised of polyester and rayon, with added stretchability. The anti-pilling treatment makes it resistant fuzz-ball from formatting. The waist features an accent color and is equipped with an adjustable string. The yoke is baggy-sewn and the back pockets are constructed in a double-edged style, taking into consideration the slack design. It has a tapered silhouette that can be used both casually and on occasion which suits any coordination of top and shoes.

Composition : 64% Polyester, 34% Rayon, 2% Pu
Made in Japan