*A Vontade's Seamless T-shirts

*A Vontade's Seamless T-shirts

*A VONTADE has a range of excellent T-Shirt options to choose from this summer. Each style varies in personality and design, but all are made from the same technique. A traditional jersey making process called 'circular knitting'.



Circular Knitting is a technique that creates a single, 'tube-like' torso piece for the T-Shirt. The result removes the side seams of the garment, making for a smoother and more comfortable fit.  

Additionally, this process helps with its resistance to stretch, helping prevent the loss of shape over time through wash and wear.


This technique for making jerseys originated in the USA. Undergarments for the Military and Navy would often be made this way for longevity and comfort through frequent use.  During the Vietnam War, Japan would frequently be commissioned to make garments for the US military, and therefore a few of these machines were needed in Japanese factories.

Nowadays, this technique is being left behind for quicker and cheaper methods of manufacturing t-shirts. This means that vintage circular knitting machines in Japan are slowly thinning in numbers, making these T-Shirts from *A VONTADE all the more special.The Circular Knit style can be seen in the 7.5oz POCKET T-SHIRTS, RINGER T-SHIRTS, and the 7.5ox HENLEY NECK SHIRTS.   See for yourself, in-store or online now!


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