FUJITO is a brand that focuses on creating timeless collections of clothing. Designed around the concepts of simplicity and functionality while utilizing skilled artisans in and around the Kyushu region of Japan. 

Fujito was founded by designer, Go Fujito back in 2002. Before that, Fujito got his start working in Vintage Clothing and Denim stores in the city of Fukuoka. After acquiring a deep knowledge and understanding for these types of clothing, he set out to start his own brand which too embodied those aspects of timelessness and durability.



One of Fujito's first creations was the 'Acer' Denim Jeans. These were based on the classic Vintage Levi's 501 styles; however, they were crafted from premium Japanese Denim and had the brand's own signature design details added - This process of interpreting classic design with a Japanese way of construction eventually became the ethos for all of Fujito's clothing to follow.  The Jeans have since received little to no change in design and remain a pillar for all of Fujito's following collections. 
As well as looking back to vintage styles, Fujito is often inspired by his own past.  As a teen and through periods growing up in Tokyo: Go found himself involved in the city's Skateboarding and Football scenes. You'll often find that in and amongst Fujito's designs there is sometimes a sportiness about them, as well as a core element of practicality. "The clothes are meant to be worn roughly and casually". Staying true to his younger self, 'FUJITO SKATEBOARDING' was established in 2019 - A separate apparel line focusing more on graphic styles and clothing more suited to the lifestyle of skating.  


Going on 20 years now and FUJITO have established themselves as a prominent figure in the Japanese Menswear scene. We've proudly supported and stocked Fujito since we opened our doors, and would be more than happy to talk you through each piece in the collection in store. Fujito's spring/summer collection can also be viewed in our online store here.



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