Reproducing History - Summer Footwear Styles

Reproducing History - Summer Footwear Styles
An analysis of styles preserved and remade by REPRODUCTION OF FOUND
The beauty in a pair of ROF shoes is that you're owning something truly authentic, made meticulously to the style of the original Military footwear each is based on. There is a rich design history in every model and we wanted to give you an insight into a particular three that we love!
Wearing sandals in the Army? Why? Well there's a reason shoes like this are featured all throughout Militaria history.  Sandal-shoes were typically deployed to European Armies as a tropical uniform for stations in either India or Africa.  The blend between shoe and sandal would depend on how hot the climate is - attempting to always find a decent balance of protection and comfort.  This style is based on a particular Italian shape, of which vintage originals can still be found.  Updated With a luxury Italian suede for added style, these styles are now commonly seen among menswear ‘aficionados’.


Another style originating from Italy: these sleek slip-ons are based upon a rare 90s training shoe (so rare that only a handful of originals have been found). Interestingly, the original style made for the Italian Military were produced by Superga and seen in a drab canvas (left). These have been updated in a lux Codura Nylon that is both durable and water repellent (right).  The low, slip-on style works great in the heat and is super easy to wear.
Our last style are these sleek and functional British Military Trainers from the 1980s.  These again were used during training routines indoors, usually located in Army Gyms. Reproduction of Found have kept them simple and summery, while opting for the whole sole and toe cap to be made of Vulcanized Rubber.  The White upper is made from a hard wearing Twill Fabric from a prestigious British fabric mill named ‘Brisbane Moss’  As with all of ROF’s footwear - these are made in specialized Military footwear factories either in Slovakia or Romania.  Built to spec and ready to go.
We’re such strong advocates for Reproduction of Found here and we guarantee you’ll love their shoes for many years.  Wear them hard and enjoy making them your own unique vintage footwear.
These styles and much more are available online and in-store now. If you have any questions about the other styles just shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to chat about them with you!TomFrom Team SUNNYSIDERS


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