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Reverse Crew Sweat L/S - 2TONE - [VTD-0560-CS] #3 OATMEAL

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Reverse Crew Sweat L/S - 2TONE - [VTD-0560-CS] #3 OATMEAL

A crew neck sweatshirt made with 26/2 BD top yarn.
The fabric material is an original fleece using BD yarn (air spun) for the facing.
The pile surface on the back is finely and fully brushed for heat retention and a supple feel.
The body is reverse weave (used horizontally) to reduce vertical shrinkage, and the sides have ribbed panels to ensure horizontal elasticity.
There is no shoulder joint, and the front and back pieces are cut in one piece.
Based on the 70's so-called "single color tag", the body and sleeve widths have been updated to have a roomier silhouette