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Utility Shirt Jacket Ⅱ [VTD-0446-JK] DK.NAVY

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This *A VONTADE jacket is based on a model that was adopted by the US military during the Vietnam War in the 60s. The material is an original poplin fabric woven in a high-density shuttle weave.

The warp threads are 40 counts, and the weft threads are a rougher, more textured thread, which gives the fabric a slightly nubby appearance.

At the finish, the garment got a mercerization and brush off the flat cotton surface and giving the fabric a dry, aged appearance. Also on the front of the jacket, there is a fabric "ear" (selvage) which pays homage to the construction of the original garments.

There are also adjust tabs on the side seams, which allows for some variation in the silhouette.